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Stand With Eastern Michigan University Faculty

September 08, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

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From the petition:

Faculty at Eastern Michigan University represented by EMU-AAUP-AFT Local 6759 have been diligently working to bargain a new contract. Even after the expiration of the existing contract on August 31, faculty have bargained in good faith in the hopes of reaching a fair and respectful contract. Unfortunately, EMU’s administration has not responded in the same spirit of care for our faculty, our community, and our students.

Now the administration is attempting to force faculty to accept healthcare premiums that are higher than any other group on campus, including administrators. For many members, this would constitute as much as a $5000 increase in healthcare premiums, plus more in additional out of pocket costs. These outrageous increases hurt faculty, their families, and students.

EMU-AAUP faculty are deeply dedicated to the true mission of EMU. Throughout the pandemic, faculty have sacrificed and tirelessly worked to support students through unprecedented difficulties. The administration's demands are unsustainable, particularly for faculty with dependents, and will result in highly qualified faculty being forced to leave the University and the students they love.

EMU must support its faculty. President Smith, we call on you to respect the dedication and expertise of your faculty, and to negotiate a fair contract now!

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