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Executive Director, Organizing & Communications

Debby comes to us with 26 years' experience in the academic labor movement. She has worked with a variety of classifications in K-12 and higher education, in addition to consulting work with nonprofits in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio, including 10 years as the Executive Director of the AAUP Chapter at the University of Cincinnati. She specializes in organizational analysis and development, including long-term strategy development, leadership development and training, campaign strategy, and communications.

Her work is grounded in a member-leader organizing philosophy, based largely on her formative experience as a union leader with U.E. Local 896.  She holds a PhD from the University of Iowa's Educational Policy & Leadership Studies with a multi-disciplinary focus on the intersection of border studies, education history, and the politics of language and race. She is also an ICF-certified leadership coach.

Debby’s work with the PSU-AAUP Chapter is primarily focused on organizing, communications, and organizational and leadership development, in addition to supporting the Grievance Committee in the investigatory aspects of casework.