April 29, 2020 / Heather Nahmias

PSU Vanguard

by Aidan Kennelly

April 28, 2020


“PSU students would be stunned to learn many of their professors work part-time odd jobs as servers, bartenders, Lyft drivers or anything else that’ll pay the bills,” said Eli Ronick, an adjunct professor in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Portland State and Chair of Membership for Portland State University Faculty Association (PSUFA). 

“Many adjuncts communicate to me they are on some form of social welfare or find themselves one cancelled class away from not being able to pay rent or provide for their families,” Ronick said.

According to NPR, adjuncts across the country typically make between $20,000–25,000 annually. Across the spectrum, this has led to financial horror stories from a variety of professors. 


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