Advising Redesign Implementation update Jan 02

January 05, 2018 / Phil Lesch

We reported on December 14  that the advising redesign implementation task force had made significant progress in the 3 areas of their charge, and that the Labor Management committee had decided they should work on two more areas in their scheduled meeting on December 15. Unfortunately, the December 15 advising redesign implementation task force meeting was cancelled as a critical member of the administration's negotiating team could not attend. 

We had alloted January 9, 10 and 18 for continued talks about advising redesign implementation. We no longer had a need to bifurcate into two groups as the faculty equity increase issues have been resolved. The PSU-AAUP negotiating team decided that we should return to the IBB process with all parties, as originally intended. Unfortunately, the facilitator from ERB was not available on January 9, and critical members of the PSU-AAUP negotiating team could not participate on January 10. We will next meet on January 18, and are currently conducting a doodle poll to find a follow up date. 

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