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Announcement of Bylaws Change

May 22, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

I'm writing to advise you about a change in the Chapter's Bylaws that was recently implemented by the Executive Council.

For some time now, the PSU-AAUP Chapter has conducted a full financial audit every year. There is no state law or AAUP regulation requiring this; it is a practice that was simply initiated internally some number of years ago.

A full, yearly audit is time consuming and very costly. The audit for the 2021 fiscal year cost $16,000 and took well over 6 months from engagement to completion.

There are other types of financial examinations available to us that could be more targeted to our needs in any particular year and would cost less.

After reviewing the situation, the Finance Committee recommended and the Executive Council voted to approve a change to Section 8(b) of the PSU-AAUP Bylaws on May 9, 2023. This change empowers the Finance Committee to choose the examination most germane to any given financial year, saving the Association both time and money.

You can see the new language here.

The Bylaws still mandate regular financial oversight from an outside body, and the assurance of a full audit every three years.

If you have any questions about this change to the Bylaws, please feel free to write to me.

Emily Ford, President

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