Assistance Fund Renewed

July 15, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

In preparation for continued issues that affect our community (i.e. pandemic, wildfires, etc.), PSU-AAUP has funded the member assistance fund for the 2021-2022 academic year at $30,000. The assistance fund will be opened in the event of a community-wide issue. We are working to get it set up so that we can open it quickly when needed. When funds are available, that availability will be announced in Member News along with application instructions.

Changes to the fund policy:
In order to make the funds more accessible to those members who earn lower pay, PSU-AAUP members who earn 110% of the median salary of all PSU-AAUP members or below are eligible for assistance. 

In the previous round of funding, it was first come, first served for applications. Thankfully, we were able to fund everyone that applied. However, we have modified the policy to as follows: Should the total amount of requested support exceed the amount of money available, either through Executive Council allocation from general funds or from solicited donations, the Assistance Fund committee will prorate the individual member award amount based on the funds available so that all members requesting support can receive funding. Checks will be issued to the members with the lowest annual salary to the highest annual salary.

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