Executive Council Endorses the Universal Preschool NOW! ballot measure campaign

February 17, 2020 / Heather Nahmias

On it's February 13, 2020 meeting, the Executive Council endorsed the "Universal Preschool NOW!" ballot measure campaign for Multnomah County aimed at the November 2020 election. This ballot measure will enact a high-earner income tax to pay for free, full-year, high-quality, child-centered, culturally-responsive & inclusive preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, with living wages for all workers and care providers.

Solid research shows that high quality, universal preschool is our best tool for raising high school graduation rates, and consequently, wages for kids who previously participated, while lowering rates of unemployment, incarceration and substance abuse.

Universal Preschool far surpasses the economic development impact of even the best-targeted business tax breaks, raising the skill level of the local workforce, attracting employers and leading to higher local wages generally.

More information HERE.

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