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Faculty Equity Increase Update December 18- Methodology decisions have concluded

December 18, 2017 / Phil Lesch

On December 14 we reported that we made significant progress on the Tenure and Tenure track Compression/Inversion/Equity adjustment model. The Faculty Equity Workgroup met on Friday December 15 for 10 hours with a facilitator to complete those discussions, as well as what was pending for years 2 and 3 for NTTF.

We are finished. We have procedures for all three years of the contract. We will not have to meet further to address this section of the the contract. HR will begin running the models this week, and to figure out how to do the retroactive payments to the beginning of 2017 for Year 1, as well as payments for Year 2 as soon as possible in early 2018. 

We will compile a description of the models and get them out in January.

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