Faculty Equity Increase Update December 4- agreement on NTTF increase model for year 1

December 04, 2017 / Phil Lesch

We reported on October 16 about the extension of the CIP validation deadline, and on November 16 we reported that we diverting resources and time from advising redesign implementation bargaining to address the outstanding issues in the faculty equity salary increase. 

Since November 16 the faculty equity workgroup has met 3 times, including today. Today we reached agreement on the methodology for internal equity adjustments provided in Article 30 Section 4 (a) (1) for Non Tenure Track Faculty. This should help us resolve a couple of outstanding issues on a couple of method issues for the tenure related market based equity adjustments.

We began discussions in earnest about the areas of disagreement on the Tenure Related Compression/Inversion/Equity Adjustments with a meditator. Those conversations continue on December 11 and December 15 where we have devoted two full days to finding a resolution on remaining outstanding issues with the mediator. 

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