Faculty/Staff Support in Physical Campus Spaces

October 04, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

A reminder that all students, faculty, and staff are required to wear masks inside all campus buildings. Here are some great resources for you as members, whether you are teaching a class or managing an office space here on campus:

  • Request PPE: For faculty/staff, individuals can contact PSU Materials Management Services (MMS) to obtain cloth masks (at no cost) to distribute to employees. Please fill out this form if you are interested in having PPE delivered to your office on campus!
  • COVID-19 Testing: Any student, faculty, or staff can be tested at Student Health and Counseling for COVID-19. SHAC is currently offering two types of viral COVID-19 testing for current infection, available by appointment - after appropriate screening.
    • SHAC Rapid Antigen Test: (positive result indicates you have a current infection). This test is offered at no cost to you. The rapid test results are available in the patient portal the same day, but typically as quickly as 30 minutes (depending on volume). 
    • Quest Diagnostics PCR Test: (positive result indicates you have a current infection). This test will be billed to your insurance; please check with your insurance company to be sure it is covered especially if you are asymptomatic and have not had a known exposure. Test results are available in the patient portal in about 2 days, though sometimes longer (depending on volume).
  • How to Deal with No Mask in Class: This video provides helpful tips and tricks for faculty and/or staff who may be faced with addressing a student not wearing a mask in their classroom or in an office space on campus. 
    • Please know that you are not alone in this journey! You can consult with colleagues in the Dean of Student Life Office (SMSU 433) if you have concerns or questions regarding student mask issues in the classroom.
    • Students can be asked to leave your class for the day if they are not able to comply with the mask policy, but you might also try to think of creative ways to ensure policies are followed, while also addressing the stress of wearing a mask all day. 
      • For example: Create space for students to take a five minute ‘mask break’ outside, if time allows!
      • Can your class be held outside, weather permitting, and with proper social distance?

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