Individual Professional Development Accounts- 2016-17 funds expire this year 

March 09, 2020 / Phil Lesch

Article 19 Section 3 in the current contract established the Individual Professional Development Account. The first annual deposit to IPDAs was made by administration in 2016. As per the contract, if the member did not use the funds deposited in 2016-17 (deposit date September 16, 2016) in that academic year, they were allowed to roll those funds over for use in later years for 4 years. If there are funds from the 2016 deposit unused in a member's IPDA, those funds will revert back to the Dean's account for their use for other professional development purposes (this means for someone else) after 4 years, which is this year, unless the member requests that the funds be retained in the IPDA account. Further, in that request to rollover funds for an additional year, the member must show "good cause" for the monies to roll over another year. 

So if you have money left over from 2016 and you were saving it to use this year or next year, then you must submit to the Dean the request to rollover the funds another year (and presumably for each year after 4 years) with a good reason. When we negotiated this contract provision we speculated that a good reason to roll over funds was a member's need to save up to attend an expensive international conference that could not be covered by the annual IPDA deposit. 

This applies only to monies deposited to the IPDA in 2016. Monies deposited in 2017 and beyond each have their own 4 year roll over timeline. You do not need to request permission to rollover the monies deposited since 2017. 

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