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K-12 Portland teachers strike to begin Wednesday

October 30, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

A few weeks ago, close to 99% of P.A.T. members voted to strike, if necessary, with 93% of the membership turning out to vote. Unless the parties achieve a last-minute tentative agreement at the bargaining table when they meet tomorrow (10/31), thousands of Portland Association of Teachers members will go on strike on Wednesday.

If it happens, this would be the first-ever strike by the P.A.T. membership in the local's history.

Below you'll find summaries of the issues, ways that you can support the strike, and FAQs for parents who will be directly affected by the strike. You'll also find a link to the Family Friendly Fund application, where you can apply for reimbursement of additional childcare costs you might incur if the P.A.T. strike occurs.

Why Strike?
The P.A.T.'s bargaining issues center around the failure of PPS Administration to invest millions of available dollars into the critical on-the-ground needs of Portland's students. While these needs are long-standing, they have been greatly exacerbated by the pandemic.

Portland's public school students deserve better than the crowded, under-staffed schools they now attend. Meeting their needs is also important to the future of the tri-county area. What's more, PPS's learning conditions have a direct effect on Portland State University, since many of our students come from local high schools. 

A Manufactured Crisis

While district leaders sit on nearly $100M, Portland Public Schools are facing an emergency 

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Family Friendly Fund: Apply for Reimbursement If You Incur Childcare Costs

One of the purposes of the Family Friendly Fund is to “offset costs for those members with ongoing caregiving responsibilities that occasionally or unexpectedly interfere with work demands” (Article 35 of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement). If a school closure, due to a strike by PAT or any other event, means that you must incur costs for alternative childcare arrangements, please apply to the FFF for reimbursement using this online form.


Click Here for FAQs prepared by PPS Parents

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