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MOA on the impact of Advising Redesign Implementation on Career Counselors

December 04, 2018 / Phil Lesch

We previously reported that we reached agreement on the effects of Advising Redesign Implementation with this MOA. This MOA was ratified by the membership in spring 2018.

Advising Redesign was subsequently implemented for the advisors in the coordinated advising structure. The advising management structure included the Career Counselors, and administration wanted to include Career Counselors in the implementation process.

We had not discussed the Career Counselors or any Career Counselor issues in bargaining the effects of advising redesign implementation. We discussed the matter in labor management instead of issuing a Demand to Bargain, and PSU-AAUP and administration agreed to bargain over the impact of the Advising Redesign MOA on Career Counselors.

PSU-AAUP met with the career counselors and reviewed the MOA in detail. We determined there were some parts of the MOA that could apply to Career Counselors, and many that could not. PSU-AAUP drafted a proposal for a new MOA dealing with the Career Counselors. They reviewed it and determined it addressed their needs. They selected a Career Counselor to be their expert witness for the negotiating team, and scheduled bargaining for during the summer.

In preparation for bargaining PSU-AAUP met with advising management and reviewed the key  points that PSU-AAUP sought through bargaining a separate MOA for the Career Counselors. There were no significant areas of disagreement.

Bargaining went smoothly and quickly. We executed this MOA on the Impact of the Implementation of the MOA on Academic and Career Advising Redesign on Career Counselors.

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