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Promoting Quality Higher Education– An Investment in Oregon’s Future


Nothing for us without us

October 17, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

At the October 5th meeting of the PSU Board of Trustees, AAUP president Emily Ford provided commentary addressing the ongoing need to invest in on-the-ground solutions. Here is a short excerpt: 

I would like to reiterate what it will take to craft that future together. A Bright Future at PSU means:

• Investing in on-the-ground workers. Units such as the Disability Resource Center, Advising, and other vital student-facing units are not fully staffed, and when they are fully staffed they suffer from unprecedentedly large caseloads. This hurts students. ...

• A bright future looks forward, not backward. A bright future is not a return to “the way it was before the pandemic.” ...

• A bright future means that solutions are grown from the ground up. Students and on-the-ground workers have the knowledge, experience, and ideas to provide solutions to the University’s challenges. ...

• A bright future is not liberal and empty use of the word collaboration, nor is it hosting performative input gathering events whose results are filed away as artifacts. It is robust, thoughtful, steady, and genuine interest in listening to and acting on the solutions developed by those closest to the problem.

Nothing for us without us.

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