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PPS Teacher Strike Begins

November 01, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

During the Portland Association of Teacher's (PAT) October 31 mediation session with the District, PPS refused to make progress on critical student-centered proposals. Portland's teachers are now on strike. Teachers are striking so that every Portland student can attend a great school.

How can PSU-AAUP members help? Read on.

Join on the picket line or attend a rally: 

From 7:45 AM - 10:30 AM we will be picketing at all schools in the District where bargaining unit members work. You can join us each day we are on strike. If you attend a picket, please sign in with a strike captain so that we can track our support!

Join us tomorrow for our first citywide rally! The theme of this event will be: “Women of Color Leading the Movement for Great Public Schools For All.” We will come together to show our collective strength and the power of our movement.

    • When: 12:00 PM –2:00 PM
    • Where: Roosevelt High School, 6941 N. Central St., Portland, Oregon

Show solidarity by:


Families of PPS students can check out this Strike FAQ from parents, for parents. For ongoing updates, sign up for the following: 

  • Text SUPPORT to 48744
  • Sign our community form for email updates on the strike and bargaining
  • Join this Portland Parents Facebook Groupfor updates and to share your updates and photos!
  • Follow Portland Association of Teachers on Facebook and Instagram: @PDXTeachers
  • Show up to your school’s morning picket line to connect with your local picket captain for site-specific updates

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