PSU-AAUP Executive Council in Support of 4 New Legislative Bills

February 12, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

On February 11, 2021 the PSU-AAUP Executive Council voted to support 4 new legislative bills:


HB 3029 INTRO: Relating to signed authorizations designating exclusive bargaining representation; declaring an emergency.

Rationale: HB 3029 would allow authorization cards to be signed and transmitted electronically. This would make collecting authorization cards easier, and facilitate the formation of more unions. AAUP Oregon is committed to increasing access to collective bargaining.

HB 3044 INTRO: Relating to health care.

Rationale: HB 3044 would bring contracted PEBB and OEBB carriers into line with OR’s commitment to value-based payments, which would see providers assuming more of the financial risk. This falls in line with AAUP Oregon’s commitment to supporting increased health coverage and lower health costs for public employees.

SB 716 INTRO: Relating to work scheduling; declaring an emergency.

Rationale: SB 716 would increase AAUP Oregon members’ ability to care for their child and lower barriers to entry for new academics looking to enter their career.

SB 748 INTRO: Relating to benefit plans.

Rationale: SB 748 would require insurance to cover adult disabled children and adult disabled siblings. This would benefit AAUP OR members who need to take time to care for disabled children or siblings. AAUP Oregon is committed to expanding benefits and easing the burden on our members as they balance their lives and careers.

You can find more information and our full list of EC positions HERE.

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