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PSU-AAUP Members Vote to Ratify the Tentative Agreement between the Union and PSU Administration

December 09, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

The votes are in and members have spoken. PSU-AAUP membership has voted to ratify the tentative agreement between the Union and the PSU Administration. Members, 506 in total, cast their ballots, with the Yeas prevailing with 97.63% of the vote. On the ballot were:

  • An expansion of the Staff Fee Privilege
  • Clarifications of procedures for deferring Post-Tenure Review
  • Expanded approved uses for Individual Professional Development Accounts
  • A new contract article on Caregiver Support
  • Cost-of-living raises for 2023 and 2024
  • New salary minimums for Academic Professionals
  • Pay equity raises for Academic Professionals

For a full summary of all the changes subject to the vote and the ratified contract language, visit the PSU-AAUP Tentative Agreement on the Contract Reopener website. The results of the ballot can be found here.

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