Raises are finally here!

May 26, 2014 / Phil Lesch

Raises are finally here!

The first 2.5% COLA increase (retroactive to Feb 1, 2014 for 9 month employees and Jan.1, 2014 for 12 month employees) will be distributed in our May paychecks.  According to HR, you will be paid your new COLA adjusted rate for this pay period (4/16/14---5/15/14) and will receive your retroactive pay in a separate line item in this month's check. 

You can already view your new pay rate by going to the Employee Services menu on Banweb:

**Select Jobs Summary
**Click on your current job link
**Your new annual pay rate will be listed

The back pay will be in a separate line in the Earnings section of your May pay stub.  For twelve month employees, the back pay will include the 2.5% increase on salary from January 1, 2014---April 15, 2014.  For nine month employees, the back pay includes the 2.5% increase on salary from February 1, 2014---April 15, 2014. 

For members who were earning less than $40,000, your new pay rate will be your current pay with a 2.5% COLA OR the new $40,005 minimum, whichever is greater.

If you have questions or concerns about the COLA increase in your May check, please contact Phil Lesch.

Additional pay increases bargained in our 2013/2015 contract include:

--July 1, 2014-- Academic Professional Compression Increase: AP's with 3 or more years experience receive 2% pay increase, AP's with 6 or more years experience receive a 3% increase, and AP's with 9 or more years experience receive a 4% increase

--January 1, 2015--Instructional and Research Faculty Comparator Increase: Faculty will receive an additional 1.5% increase

--January 1, 2015---12 month employees receive 2.5% COLA

--February 1, 2015--9 month employees receive 2.5% COLA

Read the 2013/2015 contract by clicking here

***Minimum salaries for the new Fixed-term faculty ranks will be bargained on Friday, May 30th.  When the contract was settled, the revised P&T guidelines had not yet gone through the entire Faculty Senate approval process, therefore, the salary rates for the new ranks---Senior Instructor II, Senior Research Assistant II, Senior Research Associate II, Clinical Professor ranks, and Professor of Practice ranks---could not be set.  We hope to come to agreement about the salary minimums for these new ranks during the May 30th bargaining session.  Please come out and support your bargaining team!  Member presence at bargaining helps sends a strong message to the administration.  Bargaining is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. until noon in the 6th floor conference room at the Market Center building.  If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming bargaining session, please contact Leanne Serbulo (

Reminder of Budget Town Hall:
Please come to the Budget Forum on Tuesday, May 27 at 11:30 a.m. in the Ballroom at Smith.

Wear your lanyards and t-shirts! Grab a colleague and bring your questions. This is a great opportunity to ask hard questions of administration and to show solidarity.

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