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Rescheduled: 2024 Winter Membership Meeting

January 17, 2024 / Heather Nahmias

Unfortunately, despite an outpouring of RSVPs, we need to push back tomorrow’s PSU-AAUP general membership meeting due to the ice storm and its impacts. To give adequate notice we want to let folks know as quickly as possible. Once PSU events and catering confirm, we’ll send out an updated general membership meeting invite.

At the meeting, we’ll be sharing food and discussing ways folks can help get their department ready to win a strong contract and sharing improvements we’d like to see in our teaching and working conditions. There will also be a departmental leaderboard detailing which departments have the highest participation in bargaining surveys. Make sure your department is well represented on the leaderboard and at the bargaining table through encouraging your colleagues to fill out their bargaining survey here.

If you and your family have been affected by the ice storm and need assistance, feel free to reach out to your union siblings for support directly, or through the assistance fund on our website.

Shake off the ice storm with the warmth of solidarity! Look forward to seeing you all there!  

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