Spring Forward into Spring Term

March 16, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Winter Term has come and gone, and the days are getting longer! Despite our physical surroundings not changing much, things sure have been busy on zoom and in our inboxes, and we don’t foresee that pace slowing down over Spring Term! 
So, here are some things to keep an eye on for Spring:

  • Continuing conversations about the budget; keep an eye out for various events and communications through:
  • The Provost’s Reimagine PSU Initiative (continuing conversations about program reductions per the Provost’s timeline presented at the OAA Town Hall on March 11th)
    •  spring 2021 - hold college/school level meetings to go over process and present dashboards
    • spring 2021 - deans lead efforts within and across colleges to explore reductions
    • summer 2021 - utilize incentive funds (see below) in targeted areas to try and achieve reductions
  • Academic Freedom Conversations
  • Return to Campus Survey
  • COVID-19 Updates
    • SHAC is taking measures to obtain COVID-19 Vaccine. Vaccine distribution is controlled by the state and timelines are not clear at this point. When we have received the vaccine and are ready to distribute it we will provide additional updates.
  • PSU Open for Fall, Open for All Initiative

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