April 17, 2019 / Phil Lesch

On Friday a plan was released that takes money out of your individual account program – a PERS Tax – to pay the state’s debt to retirees.

This plan comes after another raft of proposal from the business community to slash benefits.

Contact Governor Brown and your local lawmakers TODAY. Tell them to STOP ATTACKING our salaries and benefits.

The single most important thing you can do is contact Governor Brown and your local  lawmakers today. When elected officials hear from us, they remember what PERS cuts do to harm public employees and make it more difficult to deliver quality public services.

We work hard to serve our communities. We have kept our promises and held up our end of the deal. We need to make sure elected officials keep their promises to us.


Here is the link where you can find more information on these awful proposals:

Click on it, share your story, send the letter, then spread the word!

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