VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Communications & Events

February 19, 2015 / Phil Lesch

We have an exciting spring ahead of us. In addition to bargaining our 2015-2017 contract, we’ll be launching a speaker series on the big picture of higher education – including the global trend toward privatization, and how faculty around the world are fighting back. To pull it off, we need you!

Please consider giving 1-5 hours of your time to help with communications or events. See below for a list of our current needs. If you’re able to help, email Emily Wiant. We’ll match you with a project that suits your skills, interests and availability.


    Writing (e.g., campaign literature, blog posts)
    Graphic design (e.g., event posters, stickers, buttons)
    Illustration (e.g., comic strips, art for posters)
    Photography or videography at an event
    Photo or video editing (e.g., preparing short video clips to be shared on Facebook)
    Publicity (e.g, press releases, op-eds)
    Social media (e.g., live tweeting from events)
    Web design (e.g., looking for ways to liven up
    Strategy (helping to develop our overall approach to communications)

EVENT needs

    Promotion (e.g., posting flyers around campus)
    Event set-up or clean-up
    Welcoming speakers (e.g., offering a campus tour, ride to the airport)
    Planning educational events (e.g., workshops or trainings for members)
    Planning social events (e.g., happy hours? barbecues? celebration of AAUP's 100th birthday?)

Got other skills or ideas to share? If you’re interested in doing something that’s not listed here, just let us know.

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