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Welcome Back!

September 19, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

As we start this new academic year, it's amazing to think about how much happened last year. While we can be optimistic given the changes we've seen at the Board of Trustees and in the highest levels of Administration, in addition to the forward progress made at the bargaining table in fall 2022, this is not the time to become complaisant. We still faces many challenges.

How do we make our voices heard? How do we “set the table” so that when we begin bargaining our next contract in 2024, we go in strong? Starting today:

  • Get involved and stay engaged
  • Ask questions and give input
  • Reach out and reconnect with your colleagues

Together we are more than 900 PSU-AAUP union members. Each person’s individual capacity for involvement may be different, but together we can accomplish big things!

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow (Sept 20) at the Faculty & Staff Convocation on the Park Blocks, 3PM - 5PM. Stop by the AAUP table for resources, flyers, T-shirts, buttons, and more!

Emily Ford, President

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