Wisconsin Lawmaker Plans To Introduce Right-To-Work Bill, In Echo Of 2011 Union Battles

December 04, 2014 / Phil Lesch

Huffington Post
December 3rd, 2014

A Republican state legislator in Wisconsin said Tuesday that he planned to introduce a right-to-work bill. The legislation could be the next episode in the state's ongoing struggle over union worker rights, which triggered massive protests against Gov. Scott Walker (R) three years ago.

State Rep. Chris Kapenga told The Associated Press that he hadn't yet set a date for when he would bring the bill forward in the legislature, but said he believed right-to-work legislation would help the state's economic growth.

Right-to-work laws forbid companies and unions from making contracts that require all workers to pay the union for bargaining on their behalf. Unions are opposed to such laws because they allow workers to benefit from collective bargaining without contributing to it. Many workers inevitably opt out of funding their unions when right-to-work is in place, reducing the power of organized labor.

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