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AP ReClassifications/Salary Range Negotiations

August 17, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

The AP Reclassification process continues. All APs that submitted for the HR review phase should have heard back last week. If you did not, please let us know. APs will have 15 working days to submit to the next level of appeal, using the same form provided by HR for the reassessment phase. For more information see our previous newsletter post or contact Courtney Bailey,, with any questions. 

We know that a big question that is still remaining is what are the salary ranges for this new classification system, and if you will be getting a raise. We are wondering the same thing. The new contract states that new salary ranges will be bargained and implemented after academic professional assignments to job families and IC levels are complete (Article 30, Section 4(d)). For most people reclassification is complete, although some are still working through the appeal process. The bargaining team shared a proposal for the new salary ranges with administration over a month ago. Every week we are given a different excuse as to why they won’t engage with us to establish the new ranges. Even though we have been told their response is forthcoming, we are still waiting. Many of you are working in your new job levels, now recognized for the level of responsibility you have with a new title, but without the salary to match. We are looking into ways to compel Administration to come to the table to get new salaries implemented ASAP, and are hopeful for retroactive pay as needed. We hope you will soon know if this reclassification results in a salary increase for you. 

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